About Us

About Us Page_6The Afro-Caribbean Kitchen (ACK) is a boutique food business providing authentic fresh home-cooked African /Caribbean lunch & dinner option for the City.
Our food is freshly made every day with the highest level of quality and attention to ensure we deliver a unique Afro-Caribbean food experience to our customers.

Having worked in Financial Services for almost a decade, first in New York (Wall Street) and London (City & Canary Wharf), our Founding Director is in the shoes of our target market – City workers – and this venture is aimed at filling the gap for an authentic Afro-Caribbean option, offering something different for when a sandwich will just not cut it!

We are keen to hear from you so do reach out with comments/questions via our contact page.

We are a fully registered food business adhering to strict HACCP guidelines to ensure excellent food safety and quality at all times.


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